Top Reason Why Electric Toothbrushes are Superior to Manual Brushes

Electric toothbrushes have been really popular lately. So many people have been talking about them and using them. We hear that they have many benefits. In this article, we are going to look at some of their benefits and see if they really are better than the manual brushes.

Electric Brushes Provide Better Cleaning

Electric toothbrush keeps your teeth cleaner as compared to the manual tooth brushes. The reason why they keep your teeth cleaner is because their brush heads are designed to clean hard to reach area. Because of their ability to reach hard to clean area, and because of their special vibrating motion, they are more effective at removing plaque and tartar from the teeth. The bristles on the brush head rotates, and also vibrates. When you apply the right pressure, it is very good at removing the plaque and tartar. It is very effective at cleaning the inside of your mouth and provide better oral hygiene.

Reach Hard to Reach Area Easily with Electric Toothbrush

The area between the teeth and especially the area at the back of the teeth is very hard to reach and clean. The bristles of modern electric brushes are designed to take care of this issue. Here’s one of the best electric toothbrush for braces and normal cleaning. The bristles can easily reach those areas, spin the bristle, vibrate for right amount of time to provide absolutely great cleaning.

Sometimes you notice that when you are in another zone, thinking about stuff that distracts your attention away from brushing, you tend to apply too much pressure. Only later you realize that you had applied more pressure than you needed. Something it’s a good thing if you need lots of cleaning. But most of the times, it can be bad for you as you run the risk of eroding enamel.

Save the Enamel

New toothbrushes, that are electric, determine the pressure that you apply on your teeth as you are brushing. If it senses that your pressure is more than what it should be, then it gives you a warning. When you get the warning, make sure you ease the pressure a little bit. If you don’t reduce the pressure being applied by the toothbrush, you may erode the enamel a little bit. Losing the enamel can be bad. Even though you don’t lose much, but that little bit you lose will add up over time and make your teeth sensitive in the future. Therefore, use caution and respect the warning.

The benefit of using electrical toothbrush is that you at least get a warning to prevent problems in the future. You don’t get that option with a manual toothbrush.

So, if you use hat brush regularly, you can prevent a lot of dental problems that you might get in the future. Most people are diagnosed with gingivitis or other gum diseases later in life. That usually happens with improper dental cleaning. You need to make sure that you remove all the plaque and that’s the only way to prevent gum diseases. Your toothbrush can easily reach hard-to-reach areas and remove food and dislodge bacterial colonies to prevent the formation of gingivitis.

Another benefit of using electric toothbrush is that it prevents you from having bad breath. Bad breath is caused when food gets stuck in your teeth and it stays there for a while and rots. You need to remove that food to have healthy breath. Bad breath can be easily prevented with electric toothbrushes as they can reach areas that are not easy to reach and remove food.

We recommend that you try such brushes. If you like them and if they helped you, do share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Matt

    Great article!
    I was looking into buying electrical toothbrushes. Now i think i really should. They seem to be quite popular these days.


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